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4 Simple steps to get high ticket leads

by | Mar 29, 2020

Capturing leads and contact info is the most critical thing a business can do. There is, quite literally, nothing more important. Without customer leads, you won’t have a healthy sales pipeline and the probability of you running into significant problems with your business skyrockets. Yet, despite its criticality, the vast majority of them get it completely wrong.

Let me explain.

Most businesses act like people are coming to their site anxiously awaiting the opportunity to buy something from them. They think their customers are rabid – chomping at the bit, unable to contain themselves with enthusiasm. That’s false.

This faulty perception leads to a sequence of catastrophic marketing failures. They send their traffic to their homepage or some generic landing page. Once prospects get there, they sell. They sell incredibly hard.

“Buy this!”

“Do this now!”

“Give us $1,000 even though you have no idea who we are!”

In short, that’s not going to work. Customers rarely come to your site for the first time, wallet-in-hand, ready to buy whatever you have to sell.

What they are coming to your site to give you, though, is their contact information! Who hasn’t browsed Facebook, Google, or clicked on a link and filled a form for more information about a product or service? We’ve all done so. But when’s the last time you can remember clicking on a Facebook link and buying a product right then and there? That’s probably a lot longer in the past!

People are reluctant to provide their contact information, though. There are so many spam emails, companies that cannot be trusted, and so on. As such, people don’t freely give out their email or phone number as often as they once did.

Now, you have to work for it.

What you have to provide for that contact information is a product. Something that people are willing to give you their contact info with but is cheap enough to produce. Usually, that product is a quality (not crappy) report that is chock full of fantastic information. You want people to read your content and think, “wow, I can’t believe they are giving this away for free!”

What are the properties of lead-capturing pages and content? Glad you asked! Systems that work well in this regard tend to share similar features.

1.   Compelling headline and subhead line. You want something that states your offer, what the prospect will receive for giving you the contact information, and why it will help solve your prospect’s problems.

2.   You should include a short text block that provides for a list. The quicker the text is to read, the better. You want to distill your top features into a few bullet points, either with or without a short opening paragraph.

3.   You should also include an info graphic. Yes, infographics work. Include some visual representation of your content. It gives prospects an idea of what they will receive.

4. Finally, you’ll also need a form to fill out. Without a contact form, your prospects cannot, well, contact you!

If you want your business to thrive, you need to keep capturing and converting leads. Please don’t assume that buyers want to give you their money right away. Give them something valuable upfront, for their contact information, and then wow them later on with your services!

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