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How To change your life In less than 60 Seconds

by | Mar 29, 2020

The words we say about ourselves and to ourselves change our beliefs about who we are as a person. The words we use can create limiting beliefs, or build us up to reach our dreams. There is no one we talk to more than ourselves, so we need to learn to be kind to ourselves and shape a better life.

Think about how you describe yourself to others. If you focus on negatives and past failures, you start to hone in those pieces of your story, instead of looking toward the future and focusing on your positives.

Limiting beliefs can hold you back from making important decisions and cause you to miss out on opportunities. They cause you to focus on the negative aspects provided by circumstance instead of looking for a solution.

Beliefs are made up of words, and by changing one word, you begin to change what you believe to be true.

Transform Experience Through Language

The words we use become habitual, and by changing the language, we use we can change our emotional states permanently. Think about the way you feel and turn those feelings into words to experience a deeper connection to your feelings, making them more pleasurable or painful. We label experiences through our words, and shape those experiences in our minds based on our personal views.

Instead of saying, “I cant do this because I am not smart or I am poor or I cant afford it” try saying, “how can I do that? How can I make it happen? How can I afford it?” A question opens your mind and rewire your mind a statement closes your mind.

Expanding the Language we Use

It’s often easy to think of very intense words for negative thoughts and feelings, and harder to think of powerful words for positive thoughts. Think of intense words for positive emotions. Words are the building blocks that will shape your experiences and change our way of thinking.

Think of three words you habitually use when describing negative emotions, then find three alternatives that are more empowering.

Labels create feelings, and giving yourself the power to label something as a positive expands your view on life and allows for positivity to flow.

Conditioning our New Language

Most of the stress we feel in our daily lives is created by our reactions to situations, instead of the actual circumstances of a situation. By conditioning your language and the way you speak and think about your life, you create an environment that supports you. When you consistently speak out loud with emotional intensity you will create your own experiences and shape your own life.

The one of the most self help powerful solution is practicing invocation or an affirming phrase as a chant, forexample I am happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous bases. Or I am the leader I will lead not follow and i will create and I am the cocreator of my life. Incorporating them the 1st 60 seconds you wake up, you are giving unconscious mind a new identity & start to see a change in the way you feel, think about yourself, and view the world and your entire day will be different around you as a whole. Speak out loud with absolute certainty and in repetition until you believe what you are saying. You are engaging the focus of your emotions and your body to activate your beliefs.


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