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How to get attention from cold audience & become expert in your niche

by | Mar 29, 2020

Nobody buys what doesn’t attract them. Therefore, it is your job, after you’ve defined your dream buyer, to lure them in.

And what better way to lure them than giving them what they need. Yes, your task is to provide them with what they need, something that would add value to them.

But many marketers are accustomed to missing one crucial aspect of this process. Many businesses talk nonstop about their business that it begins to get boring. Drab. People don’t want to know about your business! And I am not trying to be harsh.

The information overload people are exposed to means they are on the lookout for quality content that satisfies their needs at specific points.

Creating the perfect bait for your dream customer is comfortable. If you follow these simple processes, you will win 97% of customers that aren’t ready to buy yet but have a high potential to buy in the future.

The processes are:

1. Create High-Value Content Offer (HVCO)

2. Use compelling and sellable headlines.

3. Ensure every point touches a burning desire

4. Keep it simple

1. Create High-Value Content Offer: many people are searching for information that solves a problem for them. In an age where information rules, delivering the right information to your dream customers when they need it super important. Value-based marketing is not new. It has always been, since the days of Louis Engel who, in 1948, wrote a long ad copy on the New York times for Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Beane, a Wall Street investment firm. Over the years, value-based marketing has changed its name. Now, it is referred to as content marketing. You can create high-value content offers through:

 Blog posts

 Free eBooks

 Videos

These contents would help you get email addresses of your dream customers, and this =in turn helps with email marketing. Creating high-quality content, you build trust and loyalty with your dream customer.

2. Create captivating headlines: No matter how good a High-Value Content Offer is, if it is wrapped in crappy written headlines, nobody will click on it. Nobody would care. The goal of creating high-quality content is to get people to read, click, submit their emails, and become loyal customers. But if a beautiful diamond is wrapped in dirty nylon, even though left on the road, many won’t pick it up. So, it is for your headlines. They should be catchy and selling. Some simple headline tricks for you:

 Use numbers and power words: For example, your headline could read like this: 7 Incredible Things You Must Know Before Buying Your Dream Home. Using numbers and power words such as AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, POWERFUL, grab your reader’s attention. The number adds specificity to your content.

 State a problem and the solution in your headline: People are continually looking for answers to their questions. A headline like, BEDBUGS ARE A MENACE, BUT THESE TIPS WOULD CLEAR THEM OFF IN THREE DAYS is not only catchy but useful. Whoever sees this headline knows what to expect from the get-go.

The right headline either makes or mars your awesomely insane content. Sell the value you are offering, and sell it with specificity.

3. Ensure every Point Touches A Burning Desire; Never write just because you think you should. Let every bullet point and sub-headline tackle a problem. Nobody has time for many words that solves no problem. Every sub-headline should attack a pain point heads-on.

4. Keep it Simple: Brevity is key. Brevity sells. Brevity, however, must be relevant, useful, and valuable. Let every word count. Don’t waste your customer’s time.

The dream buyer is waiting anxiously for you. Draw him in with great content wrapped up in a catchy and sellable headline that answers their problems straight on. No dillydallying. Are you ready to get that dream buyer? Get to work. They’ve waited enough!

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