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How To Sell To 97% Of Prospects With This Simple Technique.

by | Mar 29, 2020

The problem is that only 3% of customers (on average) who enter your funnel are ready to buy immediately. The rest are partially interested in your product. They might be signing up out of curiosity, they might be bored, or they might have a genuine interest and want to learn more.

The common denominator is that each one of these 97% needs more information to make an informed decision of whether or not to buy. We live in an age of skepticism. Customers have all been burned by snake oil salesmen before. You’re not one of those, but the customer doesn’t know that. It’s your job, therefore, to educate them!

Figure Out The Customer’s Dream, And Show Them How To Achieve It

Let’s assume for a moment that you are running a company that specializes in Google Ads.

You put up a funnel with an offer – for example that you will charge some amount of money to increase their sales by 20% or you work for free. 3% of people will be ready to sign up with you right then and there. The other 97% will be interested. The offer sounds good – but they’re not prepared to buy or sign up right now.

Here’s your chance to corral them in! Send an email with a video. There’s no selling in this video. Don’t say buy now or anything like that. Put together a quality video that showcases your knowledge. Maybe you discuss a particular technique that results in a lower cost per click or a method that gets an ad a higher quality score.

Then, you can follow that up with another video. Again, no selling. Perhaps this video is a case study of how Google Ads worked for a client and what you had to do to recover their ad campaign.

These two videos are accomplishing something magical. They’re building trust with your prospect and reducing skepticism. They are looking at these videos and saying to themselves, “they know what they’re talking about, I trust them!”

After a couple of informational emails, you can follow it up with a few that are 80% informational and 20% sales. You might end off the video with something like:

“Now that you’ve seen how Google Ads can significantly increase the profitability of a business, click the link below to grab some time on my calendar so we can chat about your campaign!”

It’s not pushy, it’s not a buy now statement, but instead, it’s a subtle call to action that makes people think, “yeah, I want to hear what this person has to say!”

Provide Value To Prospective Customers

While it can be tempting to try and sell to people immediately, it’s a strategy that doesn’t work for 97% of buyers.

The 3% will buy from you immediately, so long as you make that process painless. The best way to coax the rest along is to provide informative content that increases trust and reduces skepticism. Once the prospect views you as an authority on the subject, they’ll convert into a paying customer.

Focus on value and watch your revenue explode!

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