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How you can control 95 percent of your life ?

by | Mar 29, 2020

The programs that we acquire in the past 6 years shape how we live our life, what parents tell us we become, all of us have received a program of not good enough, not the best we can be, Just like Dr. Lipton has said in his book Biology of Belief, child is not unconscious because child couldn’t make a response.

Its like behind a window watching the world, but cant respond The children between 2 and 6 mix their real world and imaginery world in their play, when child gets to 6 then another level starts which is calm consciousness. When the child reaches age 12 is when child completely develop the consciousness. The most important point is the consciousness is not available to the child until after 6.

The first 6 years are the programmable state. A child has to learn thousands and thousands of facts about how to fit in a family, into society. The nature doesn’t give a child consciousness to create new things it just brain activity to download facts, whatever goes in the 1st 6 years is the 1st structure in the subconscious mind, a child between 0 and 6 can learn 3 languages.

At the same time but after this period if u try to teach a child one language its just difficult. So this is a period in our life we learn the fundamentals of relationships, connections, family and community, this is also the period we learn self identity. Who are we, what parents tell us we become. If so if parents tell us we are smart and bright and lovely and wonderful that goes into the program but if we are told we are not nice people or we are not smart or we are not pretty or we are not good, that goes into the program, so forexample in a store when a child is throwing a tantrum because it wants a toy, and the parents say you do not deserve the toy. Then that is the program I do not deserve. But once its in the subconscious its recorded like a tape player, and the rest of your life subconscious will play , I do not deserve , I do not deserve, so the programs that we acquire in the 1st 6 years shape how we live our life. But this is all below consciousness, you may not know the programs you receive because you were not conscious during this time period, but most of us, most of all of us have received a program of not good enough not the best we can be.

So what the hell does it mean ?

Humans actually have a massive untapped potential for learning. Accessing this part of the human brain is easier than one might think, The mind has two parts the Subconscious mind is the original brain and it can process 40 million bits of data from the environment every second the mind is very powerful and very fast, but it’s totally Habitual, it’s not creative, it can only playback what it learns. While the conscious mind can process only about 40 bits of data per second The conscious mind also does, your 5 senses touch, taste, smell, hear, visual (see) & slow at processing That’s why when you’re an emergency or stress you operate from subconscious mind this one because it can operate fast and handle lots of data, but Thedifference between the two is this is habitual It is the conscious mind that is creative and can generate free Will. The subconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful. So while the conscious mind can only handle a few things The subconscious mind can do many many thousands of tasks at the same time now recently. Neuroscientists are talking about how your unconscious really shapes your life your decisions. What do they say according to cognitive? neuroscientists we are conscious of only about 5% of our cognitive. Activity most people one percent of their day is in the conscious mind. So every day You create only. From your creation mind your conscious mind only about 1% of what is going on in your life and therefore 95 to 99 percent of your life comes from your programming in your subconscious mind, so What this means is maybe you were the child in the store and your parents said you do not deserve 95 percent of the day you will sabotage your life to make sure you do not deserve and The reason why is the subconscious job is to create? Reality out of the program. And so therefore if you have negative programming 95% of the day you will create that negative experience in your life now Here’s the problem the conscious mind and the subconscious mind work together So whatever the conscious mind focuses on it could control but what it’s not focusing on the subconscious mind control So most of our day we are thinking about the future or thinking about the past. That’s what the conscious mind So if the conscious Minds not paying attention to right now. Then everything you’re doing during the day is being run by the program that you got When you 1st got into a car you didn tknow how to drive and you didn’t know how to drive the car so you were very conscious, but when you learn your unconscious mind knows how to drive, you no longer using your conscious mind, because that becomes the part of your program. But the problem is because your mind is not the conscious Minds not paying attention . Then it does not see the program being played by the subconscious mind. So most of every day you are not playing programs. They you personally want you’re playing programs that you’ve got from other people. But you didn’t see those programs. So when your life doesn’t work You say that the universe does not support me and yet the truth was it was own? invisible behavior that sabotage you so what’s important is some people say well. Maybe I just do some positive thinking. Now which mind does the positive thinking conscious or subconscious the conscious mind which works at five percent a day with a 40-bit processor and When you’re doing your consciousness, are you paying attention to what’s going on? who’s running the show? the experiential programs from the subconscious mind and that is 95 percent of the day with 40 million bit processor does positive thinking work? do the math? And the issue is that it’s very difficult to take a small processor and Overpower the large processor and you have to use what is called willpower With the emphasis on power to override now here is the second catch or the second problem the Subconscious mind is like a recorder tape player it records an experience and then when you push the button it plays the experience back so then we take our Conscious mind and we want to talk to the subconscious mind and change the program now think about it this way You have a tape player and I give you a cassette with a program. You put the tape in and you push play and the program is going you say I don’t like the program Then you go up to the tape play and you say change the program and change the program The issue is thetape will not Change by doing that but there are ways to change the program if you know how to push the record button So your life does not reflect what you want. It reflects the program you were given.

What the hell am I suppose to do now?

So one way out is Consciousness, when you are conscious of everything inside of you then you are able to stop the tape recording and the programs then you are able to control your life, just be conscious and then you don’t play the tape a second way out is Clinical hypnotherapy because that puts you back in the same brain state that you were in in the learning period and then you can put a new program and rewrite the tape, There are many other way out, there is a group of psychology modality called “energy psychology” there are many different version, for example holographic pattern, body talk , EMDR, EFT, Hypnosis but one of the most powerful way which I have developed is taught in my Quantum Master Coach TM If you want to learn more ways out to change your programs then click the link below and I will teach you how you can change your programs and even help others while earning smart legitimate income with proven results.


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