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Is it fear or intuition: Knowing the difference is the key to success!

by | Mar 29, 2020

In life, people have many opportunities that will come their way. Those opportunities can be substantial – like starting a business, taking a new job, or getting married. Sometimes, though, those opportunities are more mundane. You might be able to invest in a company or hire a new employee.

When faced with new challenges, many successful entrepreneurs talk about trusting their intuition. They believe their gut to determine what the right course of action is. The problem is that fear and intuition often feel alike. You might think, “what if I fail at this?” out of fear, or you might think that out of an intuitive sense that this opportunity isn’t right for you.

How do you tell the difference? When you’re thinking:

  • What if this doesn’t work?
  • What if I make the wrong choice here?
  • How can I make this opportunity a go?

How can you tell if that’s fear talking (in which case, this is your moment to shine and grow!) or if that’s your intuition telling you that this new opportunity isn’t right for you?

There’s one method that works to tell the difference. It works every single time, and it’s stupidly simple to do. Have a tough decision in your life right now that you’re unsure of what to do? Good, let’s find out together if it’s intuition or fear!

Pick A Quiet, Happy Place And Learn About Yourself

Pick a quiet place in your home, work, or car. You need to find a place where you feel at ease. A noisy coffee shop won’t work for this exercise.

Go there and sit down. Take a quick minute to breathe in and out. Clear your mind of thoughts related to family, work, or other aspects of life.

Now, think about the opportunity.

In that microsecond, after the thought entered your head, what did you feel?

Did your gut reaction respond with joy? Were you feeling excitement and passion for being able to accomplish this new challenge? Did you then think the old “what ifs” coming afterwards? That’s your intuition responding and then the feeling of fear later. Your intuition is telling you to grow, expand, and fulfill your dreams! Fear is the only thing holding you back.

On the other hand, if you felt pain and anguish immediately after thinking about the new opportunity – there were no feelings of excitement or happiness – then it’s your intuition telling you not to proceed.

Trust Your Intuition

Most successful entrepreneurs talk about being able to trust their intuition. As humans, we have the uncanny ability to know what is and isn’t right for us instinctively. However, sometimes even though we see an opportunity is correct, we don’t act on it because we have significant fear. We’re afraid of the future, so much so that we never grow.

When faced with a difficult choice, pick a quiet place and listen to your intuition. Give it the freedom to speak volumes to you. Once you do that, you’ll find that the world opens up to you in mighty ways!


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