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Neuroplasticity Simplified – Consciousness = Awareness

by | Mar 29, 2020

Neuroplasticity is something happening every moment in our life, whenever we are changing or breaking the pattern of something, regardless neuroplasticity is happening in our unconscious mind, there is a big debate between different researchers and gurus to tell you that one should change their habits or take different route which is True but if it was easy everyone would have done it and personal development industry wouldn’t be $12.9 billion dollars, according to a report from Research and Markets. So where is the magic pill and what is the faster and effective way? Writing something down can help you to release your attachment to it.

Most of us are aware of or have experienced this at some point in our lives. However, when I became a master trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I was researching Neuroscience & Quantum Physics with few very respected scientists from NYU in New York. I’ve realized that there was more to it.

When you physically write something down, you open up your neurology. When you take the time to go and get a pen, find some paper, and expend the physical and mental effort to actually write it down, you are more likely to learn something from it. When you make this conscious effort to complete the task of writing, the effect is more effective! I learned this from my mentor Dr. Hew Len, and since I have applied this principle, it has changed my life. “If you do these five things every day, you will become the greatest leader on the planet: Every day you read, every day you write, every day you learn, every day you unlearn and every day, you re-learn.” Well, this is the basis of “emptying the cup.” An activity designed to help you get all the bad feelings out so that they no longer affect you. Emptying the cup is like a detox; you are emptying your filled-up brain (your cup) of all the neurologically-bound bad habits and thoughts you possess. By writing down the bad thoughts and feelings, you are opening up your neurology and your neural network pathways. This is part of the process of Neuroplasticity, one of the proven ways of reprogramming your unconscious mind. Now, go get a pen. Grab a piece of paper and tell this piece of paper how you feel. Write down all — and I mean ALL — the crap in your head. All the things in your life that you just cannot stand! Complain about your life and then ask yourself, “What do I have to learn from this?” Now, write down all the negative words that could be used to describe you, words you no longer want to be associated with. Write until you physically, mentally, and emotionally cannot think of another negative thing to do with the life that you haven’t already written. Then, the task is complete. You can now take a look at your results. Read your page(s) through a couple of times to make sure all is complete. Add anything else you can think of until you’re pretty sure you’re empty.

You have just emptied your cup! Now you can begin to adopt new life habits, new goals, and a new mindset. But, most importantly, you can now ask yourself, “What do I really want?!?” Think of the lifestyle you will lead when you reach your goal. Think of what your house will look like, what cars you will have, how your family will live, and all the other parts of your dream life you will be able to enjoy. This is what you need to fill your cup with. Fill it up with these ambitions. Become driven by them. You have now, 1) emptied your cup, 2) established what can be learned from the pain, and 3) filled it with the good. You are ready to move forward and take the first steps towards your goals. You have permission to enter the big, bad world now. In completing this exercise, you can now look at things with fresh vision, a vision aligned with your goals. You will see things differently and absorb information in a new way. You may carry yourself differently than before; you may feel more confident. You might feel more ambitious than you previously did, or perhaps more invigorated like the old flame just had fuel thrown over it.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

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