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Procrastination Is Not Your Problem But Its The Symptom Of Your Problems

by | Mar 28, 2020

Your set of beliefs determines your values in life and it controls your entire day. In fact, it controls your vault, your bank account, and your pockets. If you have a more limiting belief that I am not good enough and the story you are telling yourself that becomes the identity and then you will procrastinate to next Monday or someday that will never come!

Beliefs have the power to create or destroy. Consciousness has the ability to take any experience of your life & create a meaning that disempowers you or one that can literally save your lives.

Your belief is affected by 4 different things:

  1. Your Physiology & Energy
  2. Programs in your Unconscious Mind
  3. Your Values
  4. Your Environment

The reason so many people struggle with reaching their goals is the same reason they struggle with unhappiness and feeling unfulfilled. Make the link between your emotions and your physiology and achieve a moment of authentic decision and clarity that can help you stay happier and healthier for life.

Our beliefs have varying levels of emotional intensity and they possess the power to change our actions. We can pinpoint at least three categories of beliefs based on their ability to influence action in you. Understanding each of the three categories will empower you to create healthy and positive changes in your life by beginning to adjust your beliefs.

1. Opinions are something we feel relatively certain about, but the certainty is only temporary and can be changed easily. For example, you might think that the head of your company’s accounting department is not qualified for his position, but your opinion may change quickly when you see how effectively he manages his staff.

2. A belief, on the other hand, is formed when you develop a much larger base of reference, one that’s often associated with strong emotions and based on experience. Beliefs can create such a level of certainty that they close people off to new ideas. For example, some people believe that money equals success. Other people may have a different — yet equally passionate — belief as to what success truly means depending on which values level they are living their life.

3. A conviction, however, eclipses a belief, primarily because of the emotional intensity a person links to the idea. A person holding a conviction feels so certain that he or she will be completely resistant to new input, often to the point of obsession. One of the best things you can do to create mastery in any area of your life is to raise a belief to the level of conviction. Convictions are at the core of what motivates you in life.

So how can you reinforce a belief and turn it into a conviction that will help you make a positive, lasting change in your life?

  1. Identify the basic belief that you want to elevate.
  2. Reinforce your belief by adding powerful references. To create a conviction around a healthy lifestyle, you might research the medical consequences of gaining weight. Then talk to people who have lost weight and kept it off. The more references you develop, the stronger your conviction.
  3. Then find a triggering event — or make one of your own. You need to raise the emotional intensity of the belief. If you were trying to give up smoking, you might visit the intensive care wing of a hospital to see the first-hand effects of emphysema.
  4. Finally, take action. Each action you take strengthens your commitment and raises the level of your emotional intensity and conviction.

What change will you create today by raising one of your beliefs to a conviction? Pick one and create an action plan, using the four steps above to influence what motivates you.

Your mind interprets the events we experience within the framework you set for

What does it mean to say that your mood is partially determined by your physiology? Consider the signs and vibes that a motivated person radiates. They smile, laugh and they more often than not shine with unbridled optimism. They often have better posture and more approachable body language than someone who’s not as motivated. It’s true that certain goals and experiences cause these reactions, but this is only half the truth. Being happy, open to change and optimistic also works the other way, making you predisposed to positively evaluating the task at hand, your life and what the future brings if you accomplish your objectives. This can help you get motivated and discover what drives you.


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