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The only way to scale – power of leadership

by | Mar 29, 2020

If you are not leveraging the time and resources of others then you are not an entrepreneur but soloprenuer and there is a price you have to pay. If you want to stay on 5 or 6 figures then its ok to be soloprenuer but if you want to scale further then don’t blame Facebook ads are not working or leads are not converting.

You only have two commodities Time and Energy, so in order to become successful and scale faster, you would need to leverage other’s people time and energy. There are exactly twenty-four hours a day. Regardless of what you do within these hours, there’s still just twenty-four hours.

There is no added hour; thus, you will never be able to work 25 hours in a single day. So how do you maximize your income in your business (irrespective of what stage it is currently) if you do not have much time?

You must make use of other people’s time. Outsourcing has made me a multimillionaire; I wouldn’t have been this accomplished if I hadn’t learned and used the power of allocating work to other people.

Don’t be mistaken. I also do work. But to me, my work isn’t that much of a work. I love what I do. My products, my customers, and growing my businesses are so dear to me. But I outsource and delegate whatever work it is I don’t like to others who are experts in it. Completion of the job becomes theirs, not mine.

I also invest part of my time in doing twenty percent of the valuable tasks that would make the work easier. Compared to the construction worker across the street, I don’t work nearly as hard as people who make little incomes compared to me.

Perhaps you are wondering if I am a techie. No, I am not. I have no knowledge of any programming or any technology-related stuff. I also don’t know WordPress. Honestly, my time is much more valuable than that. I don’t have any interest in doing that nerd code stuff. I can easily go online and find someone to do this stuff for me.

It is essential you consider outsourcing if you really want to maximize your profits. You will later find that paying other people to do the work in your business that you don’t enjoy becomes one of the greatest feelings in life. This will help you free up your time to do only the important things you really want to do.

When you do this, a time will come eventually that your business will be like mine. I don’t have much that I do in regards to the daily operation of my business.


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