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Your Three Superpowers.

by | Mar 29, 2020

1. The Power of Your Goals

You see, your unconscious mind is very powerful. And when you begin to set your goals, you start signaling new thoughts to your unconscious mind. Then these thoughts can become your new identity, setting the course for your life and for your future.

So, if you want to fix your future, fix your identity. And how can you do this?

By setting clear goals. Meaning, when you say to yourself, deep inside, “I am shitty,” guess what will happen? Your day is going to be shitty, and you will feel shitty about yourself and your life.

However, when you say to yourself deep inside, something like, “Life loves me,” you will feel and focus your attention on all the ways in which your life does indeed love you!

Now, this is not simply in line with the Law of Attraction, but it is a large chunk of what Napoleon Hill shares as the Laws of the Universe. This is deep, subconscious work, but when you can set clear goals for how you want to feel about your life and yourself, you can shift these programs. This will then allow you to shift your identity and shift your life.

2. The Power of Your Story

We all have a story. However, some stories are weaker than others. Our story is our identity, and when you have a positive sense of self, you build a compelling story. We all love to hear stories of “doers” who change the world — people with the belief in themselves necessary to accomplish great things.

We all have that Hero/Heroine inside of us. Every single person reading this text can achieve greatness. To experience true excellence,

though, you need to see this person for yourself. You need to envision your success and crystalize it.

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you? Put another way, how will you achieve success on a grand scale unless you think you have the capacity to make it?

Successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and other skilled figures dedicate immense time, energy, and resources to be successful. Wayne Gretzky did not step on the hockey rink for the first time knowing how to score hundreds of goals. He stepped on the ice fumbling and stumbling, just like the first time anyone else skates.

He was immensely successful. He committed to becoming an

incredibly excellent hockey player and took massive action to ensure that it happened. That commitment started at the beginning of his life. It started with a mental story he was composing for himself. It began with a dream and a vision.

Our story can either propel us or bog us down. Our stories can make us achieve great things and accomplish new feats like Gretzky, or it can provide us a perpetual belief that “I can’t do anything.” Sadly, far too many people choose the latter. If you’re reading this, though, know that you can choose greatness. It’s within you. You just need to defeat the

negativity that surrounds you and lives within you.

Many people struggle with a positive self-image. They fill their

minds with constant doubt and worry. They see somebody like

Gretzky skating, and instead of thinking to themselves, “Wow, how can I learn to skate like that?” they think, “Ugh, I’ll never be that good.” These voices act like villains in their heads. These villains are belittling and condescending. They convince you that not only are you not good enough now but that you will never be good enough in the

future. Great guitarists were not born with the ability to play songs immediately. All guitarists will talk about the work — the story, the journey — that it took to develop their skills. The difference between the great players and those that buy a guitar, play for a bit, and never try again

is that the great ones believed they could succeed. They saw the guitar as the beginning of their story, not a small aside.

The villain voices in your head and around you are wrong. They seek control by trying to lock your potential. If you don’t believe you can, then you’ll never attempt anything. If you never try, you’ll “succeed” 100% of the time.

To fight these beliefs, you must remember the other character as well. Every great story has both a villain and a hero. You are the hero. You are the central figure in your life — the one that perseveres, conquers, and achieves a great victory. If you work to nurture your inner hero, then it

can take over by changing “I’ll never be able to do that” to “Of course I can do that, let’s figure out how.”

That is a game-changing mentality that unlocks potential. For

example, you can make $1 million a year. Countless people all over the world are doing that right now. What is the story — your story — that will allow you to accomplish that goal? There is a solution to

this problem, and your inner hero wholeheartedly believes that it exists.

Let it figure out the right way to accomplish your dreams!

Note that you do not need to become someone you aren’t to be

successful. The story concept is not about adopting someone else’s journey

and mimicking it. Remember that the superpower we’re discussing is “the

power of your story.” No matter if you’re an introvert, an extrovert, highly intelligent, or of average intelligence, there is a path forward to achieve your dreams.

Your story is unique. It will leverage your strengths to create

resounding success for all your goals. Your life events won’t mirror other successful people, but you have to be 100% committed that your unique life circumstances, skills, and ability to acquire new talents will end up the way you envision.

You should have full confidence in yourself. Many issues arise by having low confidence — not zero confidence — but having a confidence drop, that’s enough to cause pause. It’s enough of a drop to make you doubt yourself just a bit. The confidence drop makes you question your story and doubt the ending that you have envisioned for yourself. Having 100%

confidence in yourself, in your visions and your dreams, leaves no space for the evil voices in your head and coming from those around you to take over.

Every person who has ever learned new skills knows about

“plateauing.” When you acquire a unique ability, there comes a point in time when you seemingly cannot get better. You can only skate so fast, or you can only throw a baseball so quickly. If your confidence is not 100% but 95%, you might have doubts. You might think, “Maybe this is it; maybe this is as good as I will ever be.” Unfortunately, that turns into

a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, keep your confidence at 100%. Always remember that your unique story is not over yet. There are still many chapters and sentences

to write. More importantly, the ending you see is within reach. Keep growing, keep aspiring, and you’ll be able to unlock the incredible potential of your unique life story!

3. The Power of Your Why

So many people get lost in their passions. And when they can’t find or figure out their passion, they end up feeling lost, or just don’t know what to do. You can’t succeed in something long term until you discover “Why” you want to do it.

It’s not necessary for you to figure out your passion if you can instead focus on figuring out your Why. Your Why is the reason you get up in the morning; it serves as the main motivating force behind all of your actions.

With your Why, when you want to do something, you will initiate a powerful signal in your neurology to make this your purpose, where then it becomes your motivator.

Just as Apple got advice from Simon Sinek, when I first moved to New York City and was looking for a mentor, I found Daymond John from Shark Tank. I got the chance to meet him at a conference, wherein I acquired the opportunity to learn from the most inspiring investor, business consultant, and entrepreneur. I started taking mentorship lessons from Daymond John, and the very first thing he taught me was

to find my Why.

Today, Apple has their Why because of Simon Sinek. And the

moment they found theirs, Apple went from not even being on the map to becoming one of the top four fortune 500 companies in the world.

When I found my Why, it ignited a spark that lit up all the dark in my life. So before you start anything, find your Why. Why do you want to do what you do? What does it do for you? Once you find your Why, then your What and How will reveal themselves gracefully. You see, a lot of people fail in their life and business because they

look for their How or their What before they know their Why. And when you don’t have your Why, it’s like you are sailing on a boat without a purpose.

Sure, the view is nice, but where are you going? And more

importantly, Why?!?

When you don’t have a purpose, no matter how great and lucrative your business plan, sooner or later, you will hit challenges. And your mindset will not able to handle it, and you are sure to either give up or transition to another business.

Purpose up. Find your Why, and let it inform all that you do and how

you do.


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