HI, I'M JOHN QRESHI Bestselling Author. Podcast Host. Clair-audient Psychic.

Founder of Quantum Master Coach & Q-spiritual Training.

John’s Journey started at age 17

Life is full of challenges, and this is something that John Qreshi knows all too well. Although he is an international bestselling author, inspirational podcast host, clair-audient psychic with a proven track record, and an entrepreneur in his own right, John says his ideas are still challenged every day. He knows the ups and downs of life, but he uses all of that to help others. 

John Applied what he has learned from his spiritual mentor in


John has spent his entire life motivating others with his talents and by being a gleaming example of what it means to push forward against life’s difficulties. At the young age of 17 years old, John launched a career as a psychic. His life was soon uprooted as he was deported from a communist country and sent to Europe as an asylum seeker. Through perseverance and the mentorship of some of the best spiritual leaders in Hungary, his talent and career continued to grow. Many find it surprising to learn that John spent three years living with spiritual leaders, where he spent up to several hours per day in meditation. It was through experiences like these that John learned exactly how it feels to overcome hardships and become steeped in wisdom. After his time with the spiritual leaders had come to an end, John began helping others with their hardships. 

Still, John wanted to help people on a bigger scale, and so he followed his dreams to New York City, where he received mentoring from some of the biggest names in business, such as ‘Shark Tank’ star Daymon John, Dr. James, Les Brown, and several others. Then, John became an executive board member at NLP, a position that nurtured his belief in predictive mind programming through negative news and scarcity. From here, John’s career exploded. 

Now, John is the founder of Q-Spiritual School, where he teaches Quantum Master Coach & Spiritual Trainings for leaders to reprogram their subconscious mind. He’s also the founder and CEO at JohnQ Training & Research, where he acts as a consultant for companies; some of these companies saw their profits rise from $2.5 million to $64 million. It’s through these initiatives that John is providing life-changing, completely transformational insight and strategies for clients around the world.


John is on a mission to spread light and create powerful leaders with an emphasis on areas such as health, wealth, career, love, and finance. He has been featured on Business Insider and Forbes as the author of international bestseller ‘Rewiring Your Success’, which gives readers a strategic blueprint for attaining their goals. His breakthrough sessions are helping his clients break through barriers by expanding their consciousness and heal their soulset, mindset, and physical self. These sessions are being seen as pivotal for lasting change and drawing out full potential among his clients. 

John also offers his dynamic perspective with blog posts, podcast episodes, workshops, and much more. His commitment to his clients is sincere and genuine, and by getting to know each and every client’s needs as they arise, John is able to help his clients lead the lives and careers they desire. Everyone has problems in life, and those problems won’t just vanish. John recognizes this, that problems are a part of life, but he aims to help guide people through and beyond their everyday issues and chronic burdens to be happier, healthier, more successful versions of themselves every waking moment.

If you are wondering what your next step should be, reach out to John today to discover what steps you can make in your life to bring abundant success.