Hi, Im John Qreshi

Bestselling Author. Clair-audient Psychic. An icon of Astrology.


John Qreshi believes that life is full of wonders, and he is not one to just ignore these. He is a firm believer that every single day consists of mystic magic and spirits. At the young age of 7, he was visited by an unknown spirit who told him that his life will never be the same again. Although he was scared and unable to fathom it at first, he continued seeing different unknown spirits or ghost, which a seven-year old John would call, and it later helped him develop his mystical gift. From then on, his majesty and expertise in spirituality and visions heightened and blossomed into something more.

John is an established international bestselling author, clair-audient psychic, and a big icon in Astrology, John says his ideas are still tested every single day. He knows the ups and downs of life, but he uses all of that to build himself and others up.

Still, John wanted to help people on a bigger scale, and so he followed his dreams to New York City, where he has pursued his skills from his mentors. Then, John nurtured his expertise in psychic powers and astrology. From here, John’s career shifted to a greater success.


John is on a mission to spread light and simplify the most challenging problems in people’s life such as health, wealth, career, love, and finance through his mystical talent and clairvoyant abilities. His astrology/ healing sessions are helping his clients break through barriers by expanding their consciousness and heal their soulset, mindset, and physical self. These sessions are being seen as pivotal for lasting change and drawing out full potential among his clients.

John is also present in social media where he forecasts global, political, and the most controversial predictions which includes some public well-known people and celebrities. His commitment to his clients is sincere and genuine, and by getting to know each and every client’s needs as they arise, John is able to help his clients lead the lives and careers they desire. Everyone has problems in life and John recognizes this as a part of life, so he aims to help guide people through insight and provision.

If you are wondering what your next step should be, reach out to John today to discover what steps you can make in your life to bring abundant success.